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About Us
Since Aluminum Fence & Mfg started, we have specialized in solid aluminum chain link fence, with the capabilities of producing chain link fabric of 1” or 2” diamond from 3’ to 20’. Aluminum fabric is offered with a barb or knuckle selvage and all of our aluminum wire is a 6061 T-94 alloy which meets most states and municipalities requirements. Aluminum Fence & Mfg manufactured government jobs from bridges, airports, military, and embassies. 

As well as government jobs, Aluminum Fence & Mfg supplies contractors in the commercial and residential applications for chain link and specialized ornamental fencing; to store fronts, kennels, factories with high corrosive areas, drilling with combustible areas, electrical with conductive or magnetic areas. Aluminum Fence & Mfg. has been making custom gates and ornamental picket fence for over twenty-five years. 

Over the time, we have seen every shape, size and design. We can make anything from the traditional estate gate to your dream design. We have built gates for every application imaginable including the US Embassy in the Pacific as well as Extreme Home Makeover. As a manufacture of aluminum products, Aluminum Fence & Mfg offers a selection of powder coat colors to match any scheme, from the basic black to any color needed in our customer needs. Not only does the powder coat paint enhance our customers design concepts, it enforces the durability of our product to the natural corrosive salt air. In which we supply many islands from Hawaii to Majuro Islands, a chain to the Republic of the Marshall Islands located in the northern Pacific Ocean. 

Aluminum Fence & Mfg Co is dedicated to providing the best quality product from chain link wire, hardware, gates to ornamental applications.
Service Areas
Based in Stuthers, OH, we serve clients throughout the midwest including Ohio and Pennsylvania, the East coast including Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida and Hawaii. If your location is not listed, call 800.451.2612
18 Jackson St.
Struthers, OH 44471

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